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All about Box Braid Hairstyle

The earliest African ancestors was the first ones to wear box braid as well as a lot of other variety of braided hairstyles. This era have so many historical artifacts as well as records in which you can tell that people living in this era wore various kinds of braids. Like for instance numerous variants of Eembuyi braids are being sported by women that belongs to Namibia’s Mblanatu tribe. Such braid types are very similar looking with the box braids which are typically worn by women nowadays. In addition to that, the rituals done when it comes to installing box braids are very similar to the ones being performed back in the day.

All through the decades, various sorts of wonderful and also awesome african american hairstyles such as cornrows, bantu knots, big afros and also box braids are worn by African-American women. So many of these african american hairstyles have come and then gone but recently, the box braid hairstyle have regained its popularity most of all when there are celebrities starting to wear such hairstyle.

So what really is box braids?
Box braids are a sort of hairstyle usually connected with African-American as well as African hair. Twist and also braids hairstyles are preferred by the majority of African-American women because they believed that these hairstyles will protect their natural hairs from harsh elements thus they are named as ‘protective hairstyles. Aside from that, these hairstyles don’t really need lots of maintenance.

On the off chance that you like to style your hair in box braids style, you need to part your hair into boxes. It is vital to braid each portion beginning from the box, going right down to the scalp. Because box braid and cornrow have similarities, there are instances that people are mistaken the box braid with cornrows. Well, they are a little bit different when it comes to braiding, the fact is that cornrows braid from the scalp and the box braid starts from the boxes on hair.

In case you want to get this kind of hairstyle (box braid), try to visit hair salons that provide services particularly box braids hairstyles Professional salons offering these hairstyles could really give you a perfect box braid hairstyle. These salons will be able to provide that perfect African American hairstyle that you wanted.

You really need to try this particular hairstyle because it is one of a kind hairstyle. Get that look now and be happy.

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